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Our new brochure shows the benefits of our FCAW for creep resistant steels

In addition the product flash gives an account about a project away from the power station industry: Welding of a steel converter for the voestalpine Linz

welding of creep resistant steel
Welding of a wall thickness up to 100 mm


In nearly every case, where creep resistant steels are applicable, welding with BÖHLER flux cored wires is much faster and therefore more efficient then other welding procedures. Beside pressure vessels in power plants, creep resistant steels are used in many different components when the service temperature increase 350° C – as for instance in chemical plants as well as in the descripted project applied in the steel industry.

The key figures of these converter are very interesting, especially from the welder’s view

The steel:                   16Mo3

The wall thickness:      up to 100 mm

Diameter:                    8 m

Weight:                      250 to



Need more information about the benefits of flux cored wires for your business? Please ask for our current issue of "Product Flash" 

Additionally, our new flux cored wires brochure is available for download!



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